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Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Account Questions:

The online tracking portal is a web-based tool that allows our customers to track the status and location of their shipments throughout the lifecycle of an order. We also offer temperature tracking for our Climate customers
To register for an account, please complete the Online Tracking Registration Form located here: Your information will be verified by a member of our Online Tracking Support Team and you will receive an e-mail with your username and password after the information has been validated.
You will be required to create a password as part of the the Online Tracking Registration Form. Your password must comply with the below criteria:
  • Contain at minimum 8 characters
  • Contain both upper and lower case characters
  • Contain 1 or more numbers
  • Contain 1 or more special characters (e.g. !@#$%)
After you log in to your account, click on the greeting (e.g. "Hello [email address]") field in the top right hand corner of the web page. Click the "Change" link next to "Password" and fill in the listed fields to change your password.
The Online Tracking homepage includes a "Forgot Password" button on the login page. Please select this option, provide the same e-mail address used to register your account, and follow the instructions provided in the email that will be sent to that address shortly after.
After you log in to your account, click on the greeting (e.g. "Hello [email address]") field in the top right hand corner of the web page. Click the "Edit" (or "View" if you just want to review your information) link next to "Account Information" to make changes to your account, including your Temperature Unit preferences, address, and contact information.

Basic Dashboard Questions:

We offer three styles of reporting – Recent Orders, Shipment Reports, and Temperature Control Reports.
The Recent Orders report is a Shipment Report that will display any orders that have been dispatched or delivered within 48 hours. The main page provides a snapshot of the number of "Delivered", "On Route", and "Available" orders.
The Shipment Report displays all orders that have been completed. It defaults to display a 30-day range, however, you may use the "From Date" and "To Date" fields to view a range of up to 1 year at a time.
The Temperature Control Report displays all orders that have temperature data associated with them. You will be able to see the Operation Mode, Set Point, and Return Air on the main report. To view more detailed temperature data for an order, select the snowflake icon on the right hand side. For more information about Temperature Reports, please see "Temperature Reporting Questions" below

Report Navigation:

To rearrange columns, select the column title and drag and drop titles into your preferred order.
  • The details column provides you with additional information about your order.
  • Information (i): = Further detail on Tracking & Shipping Information and Stop-offs
  • Paperclip: = Documents associated with the order, including POD, BOL, Invoice, etc.
  • Snowflake: = Temperature details across time and location for a temperature-controlled order. Please see "Temperature Report" section for more information.
To export your report to an Excel document, scroll to the bottom of the report page. On the right hand side, you will see two options: "Export Current Page" and "Export Entire Grid"
  • "Export Current Page" will export the data on the current page
  • "Export Entire Grid" will export all of the data within the selected timeframe
Your report may extend over more than one page. Use the arrow buttons at the bottom of the page.
In order to zoom on a computer, you may use a few standard methods to zoom in and out:
  • The scroll wheel on your mouse
  • Ctrl + and Ctrl – signs on your keyboard
  • Zoom gestures if you have a touchpad (pinching and spreading fingers on the touchpad).
In order to zoom on a mobile touchscreen device, you may use pinch-zoom gestures (pinching and spreading fingers on the screen).

Recent Order Questions:

  • Available – this order has been booked in our system but has not yet been dispatched.
  • On Route to Pickup – this load is on route to the shipper.
  • Departed Load At – this load has left the shipper.
  • Load Complete – the load has been successfully delivered to the receiver.

Order Details:

To find more information on an order, select the button
The order details button will provide you with additional information about your order including: the PO number, number of pieces, weight, unit number, and trailer number.
The "Stopoffs" section includes further detail about the pickup and delivery location, as well as any stops (if applicable) in between.

Order Documents:

Order documents can be found when you select the button
You will find documents such as the BOL, POD, Invoice, and customs paperwork.
The documents available cannot be modified and additional documents cannot be added from the Online Tracking Portal. The documents are managed by Challenger’s team.
Documents are uploaded when our drivers’ paperwork is scanned into our system and verified by our team. This can take up to 5 days after the final delivery.
Yes, these documents can be downloaded as a PDF file.
If your documents are unavailable, they may not have been received and verified by our team yet. You may reach out to our Customer Service Team or your Sales Representative for further assistance.

Temperature Report:

Temperature Reports are found under the “Temperature Control Reports” feature (on the far right) from the homepage of the Online Tracking Portal.
Temperature report details can be viewed by selecting the button.
Freight that is run on Challenger’s climate-controlled equipment will have temperature reports associate with them. This could include fresh or frozen food or pharmaceuticals.
The set point is the temperature at which the reefer has been set.
The return air is an indicator of the reefer box temperature. The temperature of the air within the reefer is measured and reported as "Return Air".
Discharge air is the air that is being expelled into the reefer to either cool or heat the air.
Mode is the reefer setting. There are two types – Continuous and Sentry Cycle.
  • The Continuous setting means the reefer is running consistently. This is commonly used for produce or pharmaceutical loads.
  • The Sentry Cycle setting means the reefer turns on and off to maintain the temperature. This is commonly used for frozen loads.
Op. Mode is the operating mode for the reefer. Possible values could be "Defrost", "Running", "Off", etc.
Position is the location of the trailer at the time the GPS data is pulled.
There are various reasons why the temperature within a reefer fluctuates. Here are a few common reasons:
  • Loading or unloading due to the reefer doors being open
  • Border inspection because the reefer doors may be open
  • The reefer is set on Cycle mode. Temperature fluctuation is normal on this setting.
  • The reefer is on a defrost cycle. This can run for 30-60 minutes, after which temperatures will return to normal levels.
You may set your preference for Celsius or Fahrenheit in your account settings. Select "Settings" and "Edit" your account information. At the bottom of this page, you will see a drop list where you may select either Celsius or Fahrenheit. Ensure you select "Update Account Details" to save your preferences.